Animal Jam Top Hats

The Animal Jam Top hat is one of the most Famous land Items of jamaa because they came out in Aj beta stages.The top hat came out first in jam mart clothing, but then in 2013 had its return in the hatapalooza shop for 800 gems. It can now be found in the eagle adventure The Forgotten Dessert. There are 4 rare versions being The rare top hat, Rare spooky Top Hat, Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat, and the Rare friendship Top hat. There is a deleted top hat that has light green dark green and blue and is known as the green top hat. There are 8 different color top hats those being Dark blue Light blue and teal, Blue Brown and Light Blue, Light Pink Dark Pink and Purple, Black White and Red, Black and Grey, Red, Light Brown Brown and Teal, and Brown Pink and Purple.
   Many other items where based off the top hat such as Founders Hat, Freedom Hat, and the Gingerbread Top Hat.
   The top hat may not be the rarest but is very well known among Jammers.


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