Animal Jam Spike collar

The spike collar is a item many jammers want. The collar came out first in the diamond shop for 3 diamonds then on July of 2011 it came out as a monthly member gift if they redeemed a code.It is a member item worn on the neck and comes in Many different colors. There are 24 colors of the collar but the main collar colors that are most known are Blue, Black, Orange, Pink,Purple, Green, Red, and Yellow. There is also a spike wrist band that looks the same but it worn on the wrist. The spike collar was originally named the spikey necklace. It can be sold for only 600 gems. It’s appearance is a collar with white spikes. There is a Long version and a short version of the collar all that means is that the spikes are long or short.
The spike collar is for sure a well known item.


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